"I love Gail’s earrings! I have six pairs (and counting) of her earrings, and I can testify to not only the high quality of materials she uses but the craftsmanship is second to none. I highly recommend."

- Elle F.

“There is nothing that makes me feel attractive like a new pair of earrings, and the most beautiful earrings I own have been designed by Gail Brill. Gail Brill is a true artist and she works with the finest materials to craft one of a kind keepsake earrings!”

– Helen D.

“I love the jewelry that Gail designs and makes with her hands - she is a fantastic artist. I have two gorgeous pair of her earrings and I get more compliments on them than any others I have. I wear them all the time. I’ll be buying more very soon.”

– Bonnie O.

"Gail's art captured the personality of my best friend Arrow with glowing human like eyes and the complex coat coloring of my foster kitten, whose new mother was charmed to receive a portrait upon adoption day."

- Michele L.